Virus vs Face ID

A latecomer to the Apple fan club, I was quite pleased when they introduced the Face ID feature. I admit enjoyment must have been born out laziness and some other kind of human flaw. Let’s say it is very convenient.

Or rather it used to be. All good until the Virus decided  to come and stay.

I was just getting used to instant access into my mobile’s world of wonders when face masks became the new norm(al) outside our homes.

Fair enough, how about raising the device to my face and realising it now wants a passcode?

Embarrassing as it may be, there’s always a chance of not remembering that magic formula straightaway. Disaster always lies in ambush behind a forgotten password.

Fortunately, wiser people thought of possible solutions. I have not tried any of them, you can check them yourselves if you carry out a search on Google.

I, for myself, have come to the conclusion that I can survive being out and about without a mobile soldered to my hand. 

As no one is sure how long the Virus lives on that or this surface, it seems safer to keep it away from my tiny precious screen.

Our ancestors knew it very well, going back to basics works. Mobile only comes out in a sanitised environment.

And hey, we'll find out what your ID is, Virus, we know you got one. It's part of your signature illness, COV-ID (could not resist the pun, won't apologise for it).

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