Runner's new syndrome

"Running is good for you", or so they have been saying.

They had said it long before the Virus turned up and they have not rescinded that bit of advice since.

As a form of exercise, runners can boast of displaying certain rare virtues. They are resilient, accept pain as a rite of passage and ignore weather conditions.

Running is also a good introduction to old-age loneliness. With some exceptions,  a very long life ends up being a solitary life. If not through lack of companionship, loneliness is born out of not being able to join in and do what everyone else is doing.

This "all by myself" quality of running does have it drawback though. It seldom came to light before the Virus and the new rule of physical proximity.

Running requires single-mindedness. 'Social distancing" is an exercise in the opposite.  Getting from A to B has to be negotiated and pace adjusted. It involves stopping and sometimes backtracking, to avoid getting too close to passers-by.

This is not how running works. Neither does riding a bicycle. All good in non-Virus times. Right now, running like an old-fashioned missile is just plain inconsiderate.  There, we said it.


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