Summer break over, now what?

Absence of writing makes the blogger go rusty. It dissolves whatever crystals of an idea were around in the first place and it turns the writer back into a reader. A reader only, must add.
I don't know much about the origins of consumerism in the wider society, I can only bear witness to the straight path that leads to culture consumerism.
Having intelligent, creative, funny or plain well-educated thoughts for breakfast, lunch and dinner is great.
The problem is that they are always someone else's thoughts, in one format or another. If you don't like analogies, stop reading now.
Reading and watching TV or videos is like eating other people's food, all the time, in select restaurants.

Delicious food, combined with lack of effort, in preparing it, is almost impossible to resist.  It is a wonderful past time and it empowers anyone to have delightful conversations.
The would-be writer can get tempted like everyone else. It's only human, after all, to go after pleasure, apparently we are wired like this, avoiding pain at all costs.
How to switch from consumer to producer? Start writing again. Don't overthink, don't analyse why you stopped in the first place. Just sit down and write. Turn your back to the delicatessen shop, at regular intervals and for significant periods of time.


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