The myth of self-love

Should we worry that there is a whole self-help industry out there, from blogs to books to downloads of digital products?
I think we should, if only because self-love and looking after oneself were meant to be triggered (or so I thought) by the mere state of being alive.
If this is no longer part of our survival instinct, what is then? A conscious and determined effort to protect ourselves? From what? From life?
I am sure that one day someone will be able to record the sensations that course through a newborn's body and brain, as they enter the world. Maybe they are very pleasant. From outside, they certainly seem to be the opposite.

The exit is slightly more documented. At least we got some witness accounts from people who say they've been at death's door, turned around (or were turned around)  and came back.
Nothing at all from life's door, not yet though.
In between these two, it looks like we need to be taught how to be kind to ourselves, eat well, sleep enough and live in harmony with our fellow travellers.
It's either we are missing something from the rule-book, or we were never meant to think too much about what we put in our mouth or how we would like things to be.
Imagine (apologies, John Lennon) a world in which love would be like the air that we are breathing, enough for everyone, sometimes cleaner, at other times not.
Self-air, just doesn't sound right.


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