Compulsiveness, the old enemy within


It is worth putting up a fight in defence of technology as a liberating force. Various Cassandras are prophesying a future of lives lost to non-flicker screens (before the pixel revolution, the flickering was an aggravating circumstance).

With implacable periodicity, a study will unveil to the world cases of 'digital addiction', with most unfortunate consequences. Suddenly, going back to scratching beautiful drawings on cave walls  is desirable pastime and sending messages by word of mouth looks like a sane solution.

Some say that technology is a ferocious creature that eats up its children, like ancient Cronus. Mythological allegories are always useful for doomsday scenarios.

What if Cronus is actually eaten by its children? Not all of them, just those that would eat too much whatever is put in front of them.

I was inspired to turn the allegory upside down by a videoclip with Sadhguru. He makes a very insightful comment about the times we live in, the benefits of technology and our inner frailty. The times are new, but the human being is as old as the hills in its fundamental traits.

Compulsive behaviour is something everyone must have noticed about themselves at some point. Digital technology is still relatively new and its novelty fires up some neuro-pathways usually reserved for more palpable pleasures.

Digital natives are currently replaced by VR natives and in 50 years' time all the hand-wringing about  the nefariousness of screen-time will be a distant memory.

See, I have inadvertently fallen into the Cassandra trap!


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