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It is never personal, you're not the protagonist

It's so easy to become offended. It actually comes pretty natural. Someone says something.  You feel it's directed at you Strong reaction follows No need to react, it's got nothing to do with you as a person Imagine some remarks about academic work versus manual one, a bit dismissive about the latter. You don't have a degree and never wanted one. You know very well it takes years of experience and training to do what you're doing. Talent is involved too, as some people do have "two left hands".  You still feel you should add something to the conversation, but not sure if it is going to be well-received. No need to enlighten the other party right now Most people think in terms of opposites. If it's not this, it's that and it can't be anything else. Certainty of one's convictions is also a form of self-reassurance that everything is stable in one's world. Other points of view cannot be allowed because they are disruptive. Cognitive disrup

The Dilettante's Amnesia

I can't believe so much time has passed since the last post. Is it laziness, lack of interest, an all-encompassing fear of failure? I think it's just a manifestation of the low-energy syndrome that permeates certain stages of life, the attraction of futility, giving in to an Oblomovian attitude that makes an otherwise strong character liquefy in bed instead of chasing outdoor dreams.


I have eventually linked up my so-called blog and my twitter persona. Two lazy homunculi (or mulieres... God, so long since my Latin class) will try and goad each other in a lingua incognita...well, not quite, but it's still a challenge. I may even get some tweets from fellow writers/aspiring writers.


So here I am, posting a most innocuous question on Twitter, trying to find fellow journeymen(women) on the way to writing in English despite not having it as the first language. I don't get any reaction, any tweet back, nothing at all. Quite disappointing...

Blogs and storms

Investigating the "next blog" feature and riding, if I may put it this way, into various storms. Quite a few people seem fond of recording their experiences of tornadoes, twisters and turbulence, enough to remember feeling a bit anxious while driving up a rocky road and leaving behind the Grand Canyon.  A dark mantle of clouds and intermittent lightning was trying to catch up with our car. I don't think its intentions were purely peaceful. But who knows what we may have missed...

First Knight

Holding my breath on the edge of a language precipice, what a way to plunge into writing in anything else than my mother tongue. Mr Ambrose Bierce, would you like to have written "The foreigner's dictionary?"